Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eating Cigarettes

"Remember Dad's threat if he ever found out we smoked."

"Oh yeah...I'm still scared to this day!"

"Funny...he definitely made his point."

"And it stuck!"

This is a life lesson from our past...

When O, B and I were growing up, like most families (in the 60's and 70's) there were plenty of times that we wanted to "test the waters". The taboos back then were a bit less harmful than the trouble kids can get into today. Yes, there was "parking" and I believe everybody at one time or another drank some "Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill". There were the bad girls, you know...the ones with the reputations of being "easy". On the other hand...when a boy was "easy", we'd say well..."boys will be boys". Hmmm...double standard!

Cigarette smoking was huge when we were teenagers. It was the cool thing to do. Actually...the images of James Deen and Lauren Bacall were the epitome of "ultra" cool and sexy. And the Virginia Slims ads...with the beautiful women...a gangly girl just had to try it once. It might be transforming!

Now to the lesson...Dad made a serious impression on us. From as early as I can remember, Dad made sure we would never indulge in this nasty habit. He threatened that if he ever caught us smoking, his punishment would be that we would have to eat the cigarette. Scared of the consequences, we were very obedient! Well all except...
O had a secret treasure box hidden deep in her closet. Inside...two cigarettes. From time to time, I'd sneak and look to see if they were still there...and they were. I think they remained there until she moved out and got married. Then I kept them...thinking someday I might get up the nerve to try. And then there was B! B was the exception to everything. I won't even go there.

I'm glad to report, we never had to eat a cigarette. Yes...we were fearful of Dad, but...the lesson was learned. was a great one!

Et Cetera (and so it goes)


  1. I haven't had Boone's Farm to this day...and I'm OLD!!! Bleh!!!

  2. O - that must have been a "really secret" treasure box - I thought I knew your room inside and out - with that heavy aquarium we re-arranged your furniture around how many different ways? LOL - Love the memories!